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Protection for Pet Rabbits

The RHDV1 strain of the rabbit haemorrhagic disease know as Calicivirus, which was first released in Australia by the Australian Government in 1996 was to control the population of wild rabbits.

Over time the effectiveness of the virus has been decreasing

To boost the RHDV1 virus strain’s effectiveness to further control Rabbit populations, both state and territory governments around Australia released another virus in March 2017 known as K5, which is a new naturally occurring variant of the original release of RHDV1 virus.

How to Protect Pet and Production Rabbits,

To protect pet and production rabbits from possible RHDV1 K5 infection, Rabbit owners should ensure animals are protected through appropriate housing and vaccination.

Studies funded by the New South Wales State Government Department of Primary Industries and delivered by Invasive Animals CRC scientifically validated evidence that the currently available vaccine, is effective in protecting against RHDV1 K5.

Additional Measures to Protect Rabbits

Rabbit owners can help further protect their Rabbits by taking these additional measures;

Protecting pet rabbits from mosquitoes and fleas which spread the disease is important, as well as general all round insect proofing which may also help.

Maintain really good hygiene practices and keep your pet rabbit’s living area clean.

Avoiding contact with other rabbits.

These additional measures may help to reduce the risk of RHDV1 K5 infection but also reduce the possibility of infection with other pathogens such as the myxomatosis virus or RHDV2.

Remember to always get your Rabbit vaccinated when it’s due.
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