Adopt a Cat from Hanly Veterinary Clinic & Hospital Re homing Program

How do I adopt a Pet?

If you have any interest in adopting a pet, we have an online application form for your convenience, please complete and submit the form. Whilst being reminded that most questions are optional and do not need to be answered. Please answer as many as you feel comfortable with. The more questions you are able to answer, the more helpful it is to us for compatibility purposes. We have the best of intentions at heart for all adoptee pets as well as all family members.

What happens Next?

After submitting your application, a veterinary nurse will contact you as soon as possible. Application processing often takes up to two weeks, (this is normal), although we try to process applications as quickly as we can, however we are a very busy Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
The well being of pets & families matched for compatibility to live happily ever after is very important to all concerned.

Please Note:

Pets pictured below may already have a home waiting to go to by the time you contact us.

Adopt a Cat




ADOPT a Young Tabby Baby Boy

If you are interested in adopting a Cat please facebook message us .

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