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Emergency warning signs that you may find useful.

What to look for?

Check For Bleeding

Bleeding from any part of the body or blood in the feces or urine.

Vomiting / Diarrhea

Repeated episodes over a short period of time or even over a duration of a couple of days.

Appearance of worried expression on your pets face, notice around the eyes and eyebrow area.

Lethargic / Non-Responsive

A lack of energy or playfulness or miserable mood.

Intolerant of exercise, stiffness or sore.

Convulsions / Seizures

Any sort of violent or mild shaking of the head and or body, uncontrolled spasms.


Limping or favoring of any limbs.

Crying or showing signs of pain.

Diet or Appetite

Refusing food or having less or more of an appetite than usual.

Changes in Thirst

Drinking an excessive amount of water or not drinking as much as usual.

Urination Habits

Straining to or unable to urinate at all.

Any kind of unusual change in your pet’s elimination habits.

Coughing or Breathing Problems

Unwarranted or prolonged coughing or shortness of breath in any way.

Fainting and weakness

Fainting or any sort of very pale pink colour or bluish tint of your pet’s gums and or tongue, gently look in your pets mouth.


Inability to calm down rapid panting over an extended period of time.

Weight Loss

Dramatic or unexplained loss in body weight over weeks or months.

Lumps or Bumps

Any new lump or bump on your pet’s body that has rapidly grown in a short period of time or over an extended amount of time.

Any lump that is bleeding or has any sort of discharge developing from it.

Eye Problems

Eye Redness, Discharge, Squinting or any odd appearance of the eye.

Repeated scratching, rubbing or pawing a pet is doing to his or her eyes.

Excessive Scratching

Frequent scratching or biting on any part of the body.

Shaking or tilting of the head over and over.

Watch for pawing at the face, eyes or ears.

Sudden Behavior Changes

Any sort of change in normal behavior.
Barking or whining excessively.

Normally obedient pet refuses to obey.

Normally docile pet becomes aggressive.

Pacing around or disoriented behavior.

Never assume it’s ok to give your pet human or any kind of left over medication.

It is NEVER ok.

Don’t risk accidentally poisoning your pet.
Always contact your veterinarian for help
and advice on every occasion.
We’re here to help. Call 9459 55 95



AFTER 7:00 pm Call West Coast Vets 93933373
10 Freeman Road Forrestdale WA 6112

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