Your New Cat

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital, welcomes your new family Cat offering sound advice

Basic things you need for your Cat.

2 x bowls. One for permanent fresh clean water changed regularly during each day and as many times as necessary. (in hot weather, this could be more than twice per day) Fresh clean drinking water is very important at all times. The second bowl is for meals, and should be thoroughly cleaned after each meal ready for the next meal.

A Cat brush for regular grooming and removal of loose hair.

Cat Toys, a good variety of sensible and safe cat toys can be found in most pet stores. The larger the store the larger the choice and range.

Cat food See information about Diet

Toilet needs
A Cat Litter Tray and litter

Cat Bed
A comfortable and suitable sized bed and their own blanket to snuggle in.

Scratching post/ climbing pole type furniture, This will give your cat great enjoyment, provide a high up pedestal to sit on as well as help save your furniture from becoming the local claw sharpening object. Cats will usually prefer the scratching post to sharpen their claws in preference. 

Shampoo that is safe for cats and their sensitive skin, we can provide an excellent natural shampoo for cats from our clinic. A towel of their own.

A Microchip for permanent identification. Please contact us for appointment. see information about Microchips.

Vaccinations Yearly. Please contact us for appointment.

Flea protection. Please contact us, one of our qualified nurses will help you with this.

Worming treatment.
Please contact us, one of our qualified nurses will help you with this.

Heart worm prevention Please contact us one of our qualified nurses will help you with this.

Cat collar with at least 2 bells.  If you must allow your cat outside, at least try to help protect Wild life.

Cats skillfully learn to move in silence with only 1 bell. If a cat has 2 bells, some small animals and wildlife may have a slim chance against the fatal sporting habits of cats. All cats are natural born hunters. In this day and age domestic cats don’t need to hunt for food; however they still hunt wildlife and defenceless baby birds still in the nest for sport. Please keep your cat indoors especially at night, this is what cats often do most of the night, hunt for sport, look for a mating partner if not sterilised and offend neighbors property while marking out their assumed territories! Please be considerate to all around you and keep your lovable feline friend protected and out of trouble indoors.


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