Hanly Vets Opening Hours Christmas Season 2014

Hanly Vets Opening Hours Christmas Season 2014

Hanly Veterinary Clinic and Hospital Christmas Wishes From all us here at the clinic & Hospital we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas season, and a wonderful new year. With our well wishes comes a sensible reminder… Please do not leave pets in vehicles, not even for a few seconds. Hanly […]

whelping & post whelping care

Notes on whelping & post whelping care

WHELPING Bitches and Queens The gestation length of the bitch varies from 57 to 70 days. On average 63 days from mating is accepted as normal for all breeds. SIGNS OF WHELPING Vulval discharge – up to a week before, clear stringy fluid. Vulva soft and flaccid (flabby) up to 3 days before Milk let […]

Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers

Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers

Pre Paid Sterilisation Vouchers available from Hanly Vets centrally located to everywhere in Perth Western Australia. Breeders located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, NSW, Darwin, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, Perth, or New Zealand. perhaps a Breeders located in a remote or rural part of Western Australia, Good news for Eastern States Pet Breeders You can now buy […]

Dr Gary Hanly Interview 5th July

Dr Gary Hanly Interview 5th July

The Home in WA TV Show on Channel 7 and GWN7 Interview Dr Gary – Episode on 5th July 2014 Dr Gary Hanly Interview 5th July 2014 – Dr Gary talks about why is it so important to sterilise (de-sex) your pets. Dr. Gary Hanly from Hanly Veterinary Clinic in Maddington Western Australia, talks about […]


A vaccine insurance policy

A vaccine insurance policy What’s the risk, what’s the probability of infections or death? High risk, with no insurance – A Definite Fact. Low risk with Insurance. Maybe a risk with insurance. Really no one knows the answer when it comes to the individual animal. The laws of population probability don’t apply. The individual is […]


Old age in Dogs

Hanly Vets talk about old age in Dogs Old age is not a disease As a result of advances in veterinary medicine, more knowledgeable care and improved nutrition, dogs are now living much longer, healthier lives. But, just as for humans, the passage of time has its effects, and you may begin to notice that […]

Can I give my dog chocolate

Truth about giving Dogs Chocolate

Truth About Giving Dogs Chocolate Is it OK to give my dog a chocolate treat? Question: Can I give my Dog or Cat Chocolate? Answer: What quantities are we talking about….. Some humans can’t touch peanuts, crayfish, prawns, tomatoes, penicillin or even vaccines. Some humans die from anaphylactic shock within minutes, others develop hives, or […]

Hanly Vets welcome your new Cat

New family Cat

Hanly Vets welcome your new family Cat and offer sound advice Basic things you need for your Cat or Kitten. 3 x bowls. two for permanent fresh clean water changed regularly during each day and as many times as necessary. (in hot weather, this could be as much as 4 or 5 times per day) […]